About Us

Who We Are?

Truegrown is an established IT company in Canterbury, with existing successful clients. We develop complete business software packages and specialise in warehousing distribution solutions. These packages greatly increase production rates, therefore increasing turnover and ultimately revenue.

Our system uses state of the art, innovative technology, with handheld tablets being key in our warehousing module. These allow for voice operation as an option and real-time processing as a standard. Inventory control and reporting become seamless under this system structure.

The accuracy benefits are huge from this particular module due to the end of traditional paper based warehousing processing and the human errors that go with it, and moving into an electronic based system that checks user input and calculates changes to stock levels and revenue in real-time.

Here at Truegrown our staff will work closely with you and your staff every step of the way. From investigation, through development, to maintenance. We will advise, customise, and implement a system specifically designed for your business and its unique needs.

Our team consists of ranging aged staff to provide a perfect mix of knowledge, creative drive, innovation and experience that will benefit your business at every stage of the project.

We are eager to learn new things and therefore will provide you with the latest and greatest technologies to include in the software. Our team have had experience with most types of programming languages and the experience that these different languages provide. It has provided us with valuble knowledge and creative thinking that only time can get you.

We can work from almost any location with an internet connection, meaning your business can be anywhere in the country, even the world, and we can develop the system for you without hassle.

We would love to show you what you could be apart of and experience how much benefit a software system that grows with your business can be.