The Development Process

Our software solution is state of the art, developed in web technologies and utilizes low-cost tablet devices in the warehousing environment to allow point of entry processing (including speech) for real time statistics and inventory updates. Most importantly our end-to-end business software solution is one that your business will never outgrow.

The development process is the biggest phase of the project and in many ways the most important. It is during this time that our team will get a feel for your existing system and its data, to foresee any challenges and opportunities that may crop up while designing the system.

This is also time for you to provide us with any ideas and customised features that you would like to include in your software package, as we find these have usually been supressed in the past or previously not possible. After the first phase of development, you can go ‘live’ and observe the benefits in action. We then move onto a ‘Phase 2’ development process (if required) and use this time to tweak the exsisting system and design the secondary projects that you want to see included at some point but aren’t crucial to business operation.

We can provide you with the complete package, tailored for you from start to finish, working on or off site so you get exactly what you want.

Our modules all strive for a paperless environment where possible and include:

All aspects of warehousing (Picking, Packing, Inwards, Stock Take and Maintenance)

  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • General Ledger
  • Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Web Ordering
  • Retail

Unlike most other software suppliers we do not charge you for the software, but simply for our services (including customisation, further development, support and maintenance). For the price of a single skilled IT staff member, you will have access to our entire team.

Maintenance Services

After successful development and implementation of your new software package, we move into a maintenance phase. This is where we monitor the system under normal use and make any tweaks as and when they are needed. As usual you will have access to the entire team at all times during the use of the system.