Tablet Warehousing

  • Small scanner that communicates with the tablet via Bluetooth

Innovative, Tablet-Driven Warehousing

Handheld Tablets are effective for fast and accurate picking and shelving in a warehouse situation or for other forms of productivity, either on-site or on the road. Our software will increase your company’s ability to manage and track progress and get live statistics on current orders and accuracy. The extent of possibilties within a business is suprising and opens up new opportunities along the way. The photo above shows the small scanner that communicates with the tablet via bluetooth. The tablet can be mounted on a trolley for easier use when picking and safety around the warehouse.


  • Dashboard


Our Dashboards allow you to process and view multiple aspects of your operations all on one screen. You can drag and drop blocks on these screens to speed up your day-to-day business operations. This particular screen is for the warehouse manager who can allocate orders to pickers and choose a shipping time. This allows the manager to allocate bigger or more important orders to higher rated staff.  These screens are good for Call Centre operations and ordering aspects of a business. It can speed up the process considerably. This particular screen is for managing the inventory in the warehouse.

OCR Document Scanning

Our document scanning dashboard allows users to scan documents straight into the system with most multifunction printer/scanners.

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